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Keeping Fido Out Of Your Garden The Natural Way

Of course, you love your four-legged friend, but dogs can wreak havoc on your garden if they’re not kept out. Dogs love to dig in the dirt, chew on things, and can generally do a number on the garden you’ve worked so hard to grow and maintain. Here are a few safe, all-natural ways you can keep Fido out of the garden so you can enjoy it without worry. Chili Pepper You can find chili pepper as a common ingredient in many store-bought dog-repelling formulas. A naturally occurring substance known as capsicum is found in these peppers and it’s highly irritating to dog’s skin, particularly around their nose which can cause sneezing. You can use all-natural chili pepper powder and sprinkle it around the perimeter of your garden to keep nosy pups out. Keep in mind that capsicum is also irritating to humans, so wear a mask and protective goggles before you sprinkle it along the edge of your garden. Ammonia And Vinegar Dogs strongly dislike the pungent aroma of ammonia. Even though it smells very strong to people, it’s even more repulsive to canines. Soak some cotton balls in ammonia and place them around the areas of your garden you want to keep the dog out. Vinegar is also a good deterrent for dogs. You can use the same method using white vinegar to keep dogs at bay. Just be aware that ammonia and vinegar can kill plants if it’s poured directly into the ground, so only use the cotton ball method to distribute it around the garden. You will need to re-apply the cotton balls on a regular...

3 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Take Your Puppy To Obedience Training

If you have a new puppy and are wanting to get them off to a good start, you should definitely consider taking them to obedience training. They will be able to learn how to follow commands and signals from a young age, making the entire training process much easier for both of you. This article will discuss 3 awesome reasons why you should take your puppy to obedience training.  You And Your Dog Will Better Understand Each Other If this is your first dog, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out how to even go about training them. You aren’t sure what methods work best, and you aren’t sure if your puppy is even understanding you. If you take your puppy into obedience training, you will be able to work with a dog trainer who can tell you what type of personality your dog has, and what is the best way to go about training them. They will likely ask you several questions about your puppy’s behavior and will then work with them for a bit. For example, your puppy may work best when it is just an environment with the two of you and the trainer, or they may do better in a larger setting where other puppies are learning as well. Also, your puppy may respond better to a toy than they do to a treat as a reward. Once you figure this out, it will be easier to get them to listen to and follow your commands and signals.  You Can Work On Several Different Aspects Of Training  At puppy obedience training, you will be...

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