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How well-behaved is you dog? Does he come when called? This is one command every single dog should know well. My blog will provide you with information about training dogs of all ages to teach them the commands that need to be learned for safety reasons. Keeping your dog safe and those around your dog is your responsibility, but it doesn't always come easy. Hopefully, the tips and tricks included here will help you achieve the training success that you and your furry little companion need. Good luck and have some fun during the training process.



Five Reasons To Get Your Dog Groomed Before Going On Vacation

Leaving on a vacation, whether it is for just a weekend or several weeks, requires special planning, especially if you have a dog. Before dropping your dog off at a boarding facility, it is a good idea to look into what kind of grooming should be done. Not only can it be nice to get your dog cleaned up before dropping them off with new caretakers for your trip, you will also be getting the several great benefits below.

Maintain Body Temperature

Since summertime is when many people decide to travel, it is recommended that you look into getting your dog properly groomed before leaving. While you may think it is best to shave your dog so that their fur will not get them overheated, their coat can actually prevent sunburns and help keep them cool.

Prevent Overgrown Nails

Long nails can be downright uncomfortable if your dog is running around all over the boarding facility. Getting their nails trimmed ahead of time will provide some comfort for your dog and ensure that their nails will not be even more unruly when it is time to pick up your dog.

Get Rid of Matting

Long coats often lead to matting, which can be both uncomfortable for your dog and painful if not taken care of. A groomer can cut out any mats they find, helping get your dog ready for the boarding facility.

Eliminate Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and fleas can spread quickly to other dogs if not taken care of right away, making it important for you to ask your groomer for help if you are struggling with removing these pests from your dog. Flea baths, medication, and other tools can all help get your dog ready for staying at a boarding facility and be entirely free of these pests.

Check for Potential Injuries

When you drop your dog off at a boarding facility, you want to be confident that they are in the best health possible. This means getting them examined by your vet or even the groomer beforehand. Your groomer can take a close look at your dog while doing any grooming and notify you if they find anything to be alarmed about.

As you look into all the benefits that come with grooming, you will see how you can give your dog the best start to staying at a boarding facility. By keeping their nails trimmed and their coat short, they will be comfortable and you will not need to worry about several potential issues arising during their stay.

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