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How well-behaved is you dog? Does he come when called? This is one command every single dog should know well. My blog will provide you with information about training dogs of all ages to teach them the commands that need to be learned for safety reasons. Keeping your dog safe and those around your dog is your responsibility, but it doesn't always come easy. Hopefully, the tips and tricks included here will help you achieve the training success that you and your furry little companion need. Good luck and have some fun during the training process.


How To Get Your Shy Dog Ready For Boarding

If you need dog boarding over the holidays or when you are on vacation, you likely want to make sure that the experience is as non-traumatic as possible for your dog. This will make it easier for you to board your dog in the future and will help ease your dog's overall experience. However, if you have a shy dog that doesn't enjoy being around other dogs, then there is a good change that your dog is not going to enjoy being boarded. Here are some tips for helping to get your shy dog ready for a boarding stay.

1. Start Going to Dog Parks Weeks in Advance

If the weather is nice, start taking your dog to dog parks several weeks before you actually plan on boarding your dog. The reason for this is that it will allow your dog to get more used to being around other dogs and will reduce the fear that he or she has when he or she is boarded. It will also teach your dog some socialization skills that will be useful for him or her to have while he or she is being boarded.

If it's winter and you can't take your dog to a dog park, consider enrolling your dog is some training lessons just to get your dog used to being with other dogs. The dog boarding kennel might even have puppy daycare or a list of puppy playgroups that could use to find other dogs whom with your dog could socialize.

2. Get Your Dog Used to Being Taken Care of By Others

Go away for a short weekend and have someone come over to take care of and play with your dog a little bit. This will allow your dog to get used to other people feeding him or her and playing with him or her. It will also reduce your dog's fear of strangers. By doing this, you can definitely make sure that your dog will cope will inside the boarding kennel.

3. Provide Toys

Finally, choose some of your dog's favorite toys to take with him or her to the dog boarding kennel. This will increase your dog's overall comfort level and make sure that he or she will have something familiar to fall back to when he or she is feeling overwhelmed. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in dog boarding kennels.